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The more technology evolves, the more presentations have to keep up. Art Dealers and galleries represent hundreds of artists, and art moves very quickly, so a site wtih a permanent collection would not suffice. Traditional clients need to see what is available now, but in a way that is attractive, exciting, personalized and easy to navigate. 


Google Slideshow - 100+ Page Digital Master Portfolio

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Partnering with Jana was one of the best decisions I have made to grow my business...  Not only did she understand my aesthetic and sensibility immediately, but she also approached my project wholistically and in-depth. She did her own research to understand my business and the competition. She worked efficiently and communicated very well. I loved the entire process. Since hiring Jana, my business has exploded.   

- Toma Wolff - Private Art Dealer



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As both an architect and artist, I wholeheartedly recommend Jana for any project requiring exceptional design and execution skills. She infuses her work with a unique eye and an inspirational viewpoint.  

- Katherine Ware 



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coming soon: Create:Fixate : Los Angeles Rotating Art Exhibits, Rita Rose : Tarot Deck, AWH : Kansas City Artist, Hugh Foster : Photographer, Terrel : LB Painter +

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