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YOGA, san clemente

Photographically,  this project features instructors and students to represent the community , the ocean image for the location, and the sun for the heat in the room. This direct door-to-door campaign also included design, merchandise and is an on-going project where it will be improving the exterior and interior space to catch the passerby eye and make it comfortable and appealing for everyone.

more coming soon
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Boutique Hotel, Mexico

I spent a week Todos los Santos, at this cool small B&B hotel. In town, you can hear the roosters every morning and walk down the street for yoga. I spent my time photographing the culture, the beaches, the guests and worked with the owner to explore evolving his brand, create guest merch and capture the spirit of the place. It was fun! 


golf resort, hawaii

Kohanaiki was a five-starl branding marketing project I did with Intercommunications. We applied luxury down to every detail, bathrobes and slippers included!

city oasis, international

A serene project that offers tranquility in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city, an ©Airplane Mode for Humans. 

This project is still in development so come check back. 

more coming soon
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ART, kansas city

Toma Wolff, a Private Art Dealer, and AWH, a Professor of African American Studies in Kansas City. Both of these women needed graphic and marketing assistance to rebrand themselves and gain more exposure. Still in progress, but so far, it's been a real success. 

more coming soon

interior design
laguna beach

This designer is expert at blending elegance, comfort and style. Her high-end homes are filled with art, but not just on the walls, but also found in the the fabrics she selects, the lighting and even accessories...  She is expert in making a massively large space, like a castle in France, intimate, and she is able to create spaces that feel whole and effortless. 

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There is a massive surge of incredible healing facilitattors and guides coming online to help people hold space for their childhood traumas, reprogram their negative thinking, change their habits, find like-minded people and experience nourishment and restoration in a deep and real way. 

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