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The goal of this site was to create an online concierge for the Identity Development Institute. The training for trauma healing the institute provides can at times be very difficult, but people are guided through these processes, by trained facilitators. Since the work itself is challenging I felt it was  important that the humanity of the work be depicted clearly so people had a sense of what they might experience but that they would, also, not be alone in the process.


Websites need continuing graphic support and aesthetic maintenance. The current site has been altered since it was originally created and some of the pages have not maintained the brand guides but most of it is still intact so feel free to check out


website training page

website home page

animated logo featured on videos

What Jana created for the institute was intuitively synchronistic. Some of the site customizations were technically challenging but it took the site to another level.  - Derek Carlson - Director of Media & Technology -IDI

custom font usage to break up the generic format of  Kajabi

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