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“Jana is the rare creative director capable of translating the heart & soul of a company into a visual culture that resonates with the greater world."

- DANIEL MAX - Entertainment Attorney


I love what I do, because I really get to know people, their industry and their dreams.


Logos are to a business, like a "seed" is to a tree. A seed contains everything, it contains possibility and potential, it contains the future. And seeds are simple... thus the best logo designs... are simple.


Branding is the "big picture", it's the map, the vision, the destination. Applied to ourselves... the heart is the logo and the body is the brand. 

Every client is different, their needs, their personality, their goals, so the results are always unique to them. My primary "job" is to frame who the client is, shine a light on them, to catch peoples eyes, but most importantly, to capture peoples hearts and imagination, to inspire their audience to engage with them, so both can mutually thrive. 

Below are tools that will help us get on the same page and set up clear expectations.

 These docs are provided in a digital PDF format for you to fill out on your computer and email me back.

Please be sure to save it with your name on it OR it won't save the changes. Thankyou

My latest projects

Latest Projects



“The day came when the risk to remain a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This quote by Anais Nin inspired  and ignited this project.


My client felt ready to update her site, to come out and share more, but found she was still holding back. Sepi is a deeply caring person with many healing and transformative gifts to offer. In the creation of custom montaged images and getting her to write about herself and her work in an honest and authentic way produced this simple and beautiful site and I feel proud of the results.

We worked in Squarespace, which is limiting but empowers the client to make her own updates Take a look!



This new law firm and creative partnership was formed by two of the "dream team" attorneys that recently fought and won big cases for our children’s right to informed consent in the state of California. They continue to stand up for body autonomy for all -- and are sharing their expertise and deep knowledge of the legal system as guests on national podcasts and radio shows while also developing their own live radio show. I also developed a complimentary logo for their new law firm partnership and look forward to creating their new site very soon! 

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